Sixth International Seminar taught by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy in Italy
Cesena - June 17-18, 2017

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, 9th Dan, PhD [IBA], Dip MA's Instruction, Cert IV Assessment/Workplace Training, Senior First Aid/Bluecard.
Having started training in Canada during the mid-1960's, Patrick McCarthy's literally done it all; Top-ten rated Triple Crown Champion, 5-National titles, 2-North American Championships and a world title amidst hundreds of competitive victories, in kata, kobudo & kumite.
Working his way through school as a bouncer in some of Toronto's [Scarboro] toughest neighbourhoods he's earned black belt ranks in Kung-fu, Jujutsu and Japanese swordsmanship, along with being amidst the first generation of foreign shoot-fighters in Japan.
Having spent a decade in the Far East, he's conducted cross-comparative field studies in Okinawa, SE Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Africa, and China --- including the famed Shaolin Temple.
A researcher and leading innovator he's also responsible for having established the very first fully accredited college-level undergraduate program for Martial Art's Instruction.
Hanshi McCarthy appeared in and on the covers of the world's leading MA's magazines
Hanshi McCarthy appeared in and on the covers of the world's leading MA's magazines
He's appeared in and on the covers of the world's leading MA's magazines, been featured on TV and radio, authored a string of excellent books, including the best seller, «The Bubishi-Bible of Karate/Manual of Combat», produced a myriad of educational DVD's and become one of the most sought after seminar instructors any where in the world today.
Hanshi McCarthy authored a string of excellent MA's books
The culmination of his ground-breaking efforts, with Tegumi, the HAPV-theory and two-person application practices, not only helped launch the kata bunkai trend more than twenty years ago, its subsequently influenced like-minded work from other instructors such as Vince Morris and Iain Abernethy, etc.
Today, Sensei McCarthy lives in Brisbane [Australia] where he presides over a worldwide multi-style organization, the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society [IRKRS] and travels the world teaching his Masterclass-Seminars.
The Cesena Seminar - the sixth seminar taught by Hanshi McCarthy in Italy - will be a great opportunity to practice with one of the most respected and galvanizing karate masters in the world.

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