Masterclass Seminar 2015 taught by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

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ACSD Seishinkai Cesena organizes on June 20-21, 2015 in Cesena (Italy) an International Koryu Uchinadi Seminar called «MASTERCLASS SEMINAR 2015» taught by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (9th Dan – IRKRS Director).

The seminar – whose theme is «Motobu Choki’s Heritage» – is open to Koryu Uchinadi practitioners of all grades and to other styles Karateka starting form 1st Kyu (brown belt). Event participants must be a minimum age of 16 years old.

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Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, 9th Dan, PhD [IBA], Dip MA’s Instruction, Cert IV Assessment/Workplace Training, Senior First Aid/Bluecard.
Having started training in Canada during the mid-1960’s, Patrick McCarthy’s literally done it all; Top-ten rated Triple Crown Champion, 5-National titles, 2-North American Championships and a world title amidst hundreds of competitive victories, in kata, kobudo & kumite.
Working his way through school as a bouncer in some of Toronto’s [Scarboro] toughest neighbourhoods he’s earned black belt ranks in Kung-fu, Jujutsu and Japanese swordsmanship, along with being amidst the first generation of foreign shoot-fighters in Japan.
Having spent a decade in the Far East, he’s conducted cross-comparative field studies in Okinawa, SE Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Africa, and China — including the famed Shaolin Temple.
A researcher and leading innovator he’s also responsible for having established the very first fully accredited college-level undergraduate program for Martial Art’s Instruction.
He’s appeared in and on the covers of the world’s leading MA’s magazines, been featured on TV and radio, authored a string of excellent books, including the best seller, «The Bubishi-Bible of Karate/Manual of Combat», produced a myriad of educational DVD’s and become one of the most sought after seminar instructors any where in the world today.
The culmination of his ground-breaking efforts, with Tegumi, the HAPV-theory and two-person application practices, not only helped launch the kata bunkai trend more than twenty years ago, its subsequently influenced like-minded work from other instructors such as Vince Morris and Iain Abernethy, etc.
Today, Sensei McCarthy lives in Brisbane [Australia] where he presides over a worldwide multi-style organization, the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society [IRKRS] and travels the world teaching his Masterclass-Seminars.
The Cesena Seminar – the fourth seminar taught by Hanshi McCarthy in Italy – will be a great opportunity to practice with one of the most respected and galvanizing karate masters in the world.

Masterclass Seminar 2015 taught by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy