Koryu Uchinadi Seminar 2013 – Reportage

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I partecipanti al seminario di Cesena con Renshi Olaf Krey

At the end of a great seminar I would like to drop a few lines to thanks Renshi Olaf Krey for the fantastic learning experience and for all his efforts to help our group during the entire weekend.

About fifty senior karateka from different styles – Goju Ryu, Koryu Uchinadi, Shito-ryu, Shotokai, Shotokan – coming from different Italian regions, England and Belgium, attended the event.

On Saturday Renshi Olaf Krey covered the Chokyu-gata and related two-person drill and on Sunday, while karateka from other styles practiced some application taken from the kamae waza futari-geiko, KU people concentrated on the nyumon drills, especially tsuki waza, heishu waza and heishu waza futari-geiko.

We enjoyed every single minute of the four training sessions .. together with the talks, food and wine we had after the keiko.

Thanks again to Renshi Olaf who is a very nice person, a great martial artist and an absolutely brilliant instructor.
I hope he enjoyed his stay in Italy.

Thanks to all the participants, especially to sensei Freddy Laseure who came from Ieper (Belgium) and to Emma Marsh, Georgina Hewlett and Rhiannon McGrady who came from Bristol (UK) to share with us this great learning experience.

My special thanks and deep gratitude go to Hanshi Patrick McCarthy for making it all possible and for his continuous help and guidance.

Marco Forti