Koryu Uchinadi in Italy

Koryu Uchinadi has been officially introduced to Italy in the month of May 2010 through the first seminar taught by Hanshi McCarthy in Genzano (Rome) and organized by Sensei Paolo Gasbarri.

In the effort to build a support network in Italy, thereby strengthening the growth and direction of KU, Sensei Marco Forti has received permission from Hanshi McCarthy to launch an informal KU Study Group. On the 20th day of June 2010 ACSD Seishinkai Cesena, under the guidance of Sensei Marco Forti, has been recognized as Koryu Uchinadi shibu dojo (official branch dojo).

In order to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and practicing Koryu Uchinadi, the first Italian Seminar was followed by three other international workshops, taught by Shidoin Jim Sindt (2011), Kyoshi Olaf Krey (2013) and Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017).

The growing interest in Koryu Uchinadi leads us now – thanks to Hanshi McCarthy’s support, help and guidance – to promote its practice and to prepare the groundwork for the future establishment of a more extensive and widespread dojo network throughout the country.