International Ryukyu Karate Research SocietyThe International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society [aka Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Kokusai Kenkyukai/琉球唐手術国際研究会] is an information based organization dedicated to studying, the origins, evolution & tactical application theories of old-school karate & kobudo.


Established in Japan in 1989 to serve a limited group of foreign enthusiasts interested in his research and publications, the Society ultimately opened its doors to the general public in Jan 1996 to meet the numerous and varying demands of a more progressive learner.


While we greatly respect the Japanese heritage of this tradition, and the cultural legacy of its Okinawan pioneers, the IRKRS success has been built on attracting students and teachers who have outgrown overly ritualized and rule-bound practices being taught as the original art, and the propaganda associated with promoting one style over another. We strongly believe that tradition is not about blindly following in the footsteps of the old masters, or even preserving their ashes for that matter, but rather keeping the flame of their spirit alive, and seeking out what they originally sought. Known for the thinking-outside-the-box mindset, the IRKRS has been a dependable source of information helping both students and teachers successfully build bridges across styles for more than twenty years. While the IRKRS has established a sterling reputation for the many Japanese-to-English translations of the pioneer’s writings, on-line dialogue, Journals and instructional DVDs, the principal focus of our attention is mentoring and empowering enthusiastic learners of all rank and style and helping instructors understand and develop more effective curriculums through which to impart the functional application practices of kata.

The IRKRS is widely recognized for the HAPV-theory, 2-person drills, quarterly Journal,Karate Study List (KSL), instructional DVDs and comprehensive English translations which include many original books and historical documents; “The Bible of Karate- The “Bubishi,” Matsumura’s 1882 “Seven Precepts of Bu,” and his 1885 “Zaiyunomei,” Itosu’s “1908 “Ten Lessons,” Miyagi Chojun’s 1934 “Outline of “Karatedo,“ the minutes of the famous 1936 “”Meeting of the Okinawan Masters,” Motobu Choki’s “Watashi no Karate-jutsu,” Taira Shinken’s 1964 ”Encyclopedia of Kobudo,” Funakoshi Gichin’s early [1914 thru 1934] writings, and “Nagamine Shoshin’s “Biographies of” Karate & Tegumi Masters,” to name the most important ones.


The IRKRS services include an on-line network for intellectual exchange among members. The principal activity focuses on mentoring learners and teachers of Japanese/Okinawan Karate/Kobudo [both classical & contemporary] through dialogue, lecture, journals, instructional DVD and special-interest activities. The IRKRS has successfully built bridges across styles uniting like-minded learners all over the world for more than twenty years through such exchange.


The IRKRS membership is aimed at bringing together a new generation of more progressive learner seeking to better understand the history , philosophical and technical practices of the original art … and not afraid to step outside their own peer group to find it! The IRKRS information-base brings together the product of generations of experience for the purpose of unreservedly sharing with its membership.

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