Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Hanshi Patrick McCarthyPatrick McCarthy (9th Dan Black Belt – Hanshi) began his training in the 60’s and came up through the ranks with good old-fashioned hard traditional type karate training.

He forged his identity on the tournament floor in kata, kumite and kobudo during the 70’s amidst fierce and talented competition.

In the 80’s he relocated to Japan, and became widely recognized for his field studies and historical-based writings. His groundbreaking research, several books, including the best-selling publication “The Bubishi”, now translated into several languages, have been published everywhere during the 90’s.

He’s even responsible for establishing the world’s first University-level undergraduate Diploma of Martial Arts Instruction program in the new millennium.

The success of his international seminars has made him one of the most sought after master instructors anywhere in the world.

As a 5th generation master-level instructor of Uchinadi, following Kinjo Hiroshi, Hanashiro Chomo, Itosu Ankoh, and, Matsumura Sokon, he’s walked in the footsteps of those masters who pioneered modern karate and received his credentials from the Dai Nippon Butokukai, as they were bestowed upon Funakoshi Gichin, Miyagi Chojun, Mabuni Kenwa, Ohtsuka Hironori, Konishi Yasuhiro, Sakagami Ryusho, and Nagamine Shoshin.

A recognized trailblazer in the application practices of traditional kata, McCarthy Sensei has also been invited to teach his theories in more than twenty countries around the world including, Canada, the USA, Venezuela, Trinidad, Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.