Masterclass Seminar 2017 - Reportage

At the end of another GREAT seminar I would like to deeply thank my Sensei, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, for the fantastic learning experience and for his trust, efforts and support in helping me and our group. どうもありがとうございます先生!

Please let me drop a few lines to thank the over one hundred participants, coming from many Italian regions and also from abroad (Australia, England, Hungary, Slovenja, Switzerland), for their enthusiasm and great spirit of collaboration.

I’m so happy to have met again Renshi Phyllis Chalmers from the Brisbane honbu-dojo, my friend Rob Jones from Bristol (UK), our Hungarian KU brothers lead by sensei András Kern, Shihan Borut Kincl and his student Damir Ivandic from Slovenja, the KU dojo Mendrisio from Switzerland lead by sensei Elio Zicca, Roberto Rulli and Federico Grand, the huge groups Karatekai Italia lead by Lucio Maurino Sensei and Gojukai lead by Renshi Mario Laurini, all the Italian Koryu Uchinadi dojo and study groups (Cesena, Milano, Mantova, Reggio Emilia, Vicenza, Siena, Montalto Dora, Samone) and all other friends who came from all Italian regions to participate in this event.

Thanks to all of my students and assistants who managed all the organizational aspects of this Seminar: Paolo, Morris, Linda, Gloria, Jessica, Francesca, Federica, Davide, Antonio, Matteo, Gabriele, Domenico, Stefano … you all did an absolutely brilliant job!

Marco Forti